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Paella experience at your yacht

Enjoy eating! The service of artisan paellas
at your yacht, made by a Valencian

A real foodie experience on board!

At Paella Lover, experience the true essence of paella, from the enticing aromas that fill the air while it simmers, to the vibrant colors of its ingredients. Enjoy the personal interaction with our talented Chef, all in the comfort of your own yacht!
Whether you prefer to simply watch or enjoy the sea with your loved ones, this incomparable gastronomic experience allows you to savor an artisanal, traditionally prepared paella. With a variety of paella options to choose from, it is perfect for those special occasions and events hosted right at your own place at the sea. Ready to indulge in the authentic flavors of paella on board?

How does At Home work?

Make your booking

Confirm the place, date and time of the event. And of course what is your favorite paella you want me to prepare for you.


Much of the success of a paella depends on the ingredients and its freshness. I go shopping for you and prepare everything to be ready to delight you with the best flavours and smells.

Day of the appointment

We meet at the chosen port. I take everything to your yacht. You simply relax and lean back while you are enjoying the day with your family and/or friends.

Time to eat!

The paella master will prepare the paella and you can interact at any time. And finally: it’s time to taste your paella on board!

Choose between the following paellas

Valencian Paella

The original and traditional paella. Ingredients: chicken and rabbit meat, green flat beans, white broad beans (butter beans), tomato, virgin extra olive oil, salt, saffron, water, rosemarie, red dried sweet ground pepper, garlic and rice.

Seafood Paella

The most popular one worldwide. Ingredients: shrimps, monkfish, onions, tomatoes, sepia, squid, leek, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, red dried sweet ground pepper, saffron, mussels, water, onions and garlic.

Vegan Paella

The "green" one. Ingredients: eggplant, tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, green asparagus, cauliflower, green flat beans, zucchini, carrot, white broad beans (butter beans), rice, red dried sweet ground smoky pepper, saffron, salt, virgin extra olive oil and vegan stock.

Mixed Paella

The "remix". Ingredients: shrimps, monkfish, onions, tomatoes, sepia, squid, leek, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, chicken and rabbit meat, green flat beans, white broad beans (butter beans), red dried sweet ground pepper, saffron, mussels, onions, garlic and fish+chicken stock.

Black rice Paella

Same ingredients, different color. Ingredients: shrimps, onions, caramelized onions, tomatoes, sepia, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, red dried sweet ground pepper, mussels, water and fish stock.

Duck magret & foie Paella

The exotic one. Ingredients: duck magret, foie, artichokes/mushrooms, green garlic, tomatoes, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, red dried sweet ground pepper and chicken stock.

Stew Paella

The "strong" one. Ingredients: pork ribs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, black "blood" sausage, chickpeas, tomatoes, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, red dried sweet ground pepper, garlic and stew stock.

Lobster Paella

The supreme one. Ingredients: lobster, tomatoes, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, red dried sweet ground pepper and seafood stock.

Low shoulder pork cut with caramelized apple Paella

Something different. Ingredients: low shoulder pork cut, apples, rice, virgin extra olive oil, salt, red dried sweet ground pepper and vegan stock.

The perfect ingredients for an unforgetable day

    Your Paella Master

    From selecting the freshest ingredients to the final presentation, I will take care of every detail. Whether you choose to relax and enjoy the process or engage in insightful conversations about the rich history behind this delicious recipe, our paella day on board promises an authentic and mouthwatering adventure. 

    Your people

    We understand the power of sharing a great meal with your loved ones, and that’s why we have crafted an unforgettable journey for you. Relax and enjoy a moment that won’t come back. The enticing aroma of our freshly cooked paella fills the air, as you take in the sight of the sea and the laughter of your loved ones.

    Your favourite spot at the sea

    The serenity of your favorite spot at the sea. With every sip and every bite, let the beauty of the sea surround you and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

    “Just a perfect day”

    You are my guest at your yacht. I take care of cooking. You can smell, see, enjoy… You take all the advantages and I do the work. Indulge in the aroma of freshly cooked paella, complemented by delectable extras like bread, alioli, and lemon. And if you desire, we can elevate your experience with refreshing drinks, tantalizing starters, delightful desserts, and more. 

    What People Say

    At PAELLA LOVER, guest’s satisfaction is the most important for us. With your help we grow, we improve our services and experiences so that you have greater satisfaction.

    Based on 90 reviews
    Laura Brückner
    Laura Brückner
    Absolute Empfehlung, wenn ihr auf Mallorca seid! Wir haben Guillermo’s Paella Künste für einen Geburtstag direkt in unserer Finca gebucht und es war hervorragend! ❤️ Leckere Paella 🥘
    Maria Niedling
    Maria Niedling
    Guillermo hat für einen super schönen und leckeren spanischen Abend gesorgt! Gerne wieder :)
    Joe Walowski
    Joe Walowski
    Absolutely wonderful evening! We learned so much about paella, had so much fun, and the meal at the end was outstanding. I’d give it the highest possible recommendation!
    Rebecca Gunderson
    Rebecca Gunderson
    I took the Paella Lover class with Guillermo as our instructor to learn how to make paella. It was an amazing experience. He is very easy to contact by email beforehand and will answer any questions you have promptly. When we got to the class I loved that we used all wholesome ingredients for our paella and it tasted delicious. He is a great teacher and answered all my questions about paella and also history and culture of Spain. After learning how to make a paella with Guillermo I even came back home and made a paella myself with all the tips he offered in our class! It turned out great. Thanks again Guillermo!
    Aron Seiffert
    Aron Seiffert
    What a wonderful experience 🤩 Guillermo is such an awesome teacher and the food was delicious. We will definitely recommend him to everyone we know ✨
    Talia Rubio
    Talia Rubio
    Contratamos una experiencia con Paella Lover y fue espectacular en todos los sentidos. Totalmente recomendable.
    Ana Furgon
    Ana Furgon
    Ya habíamos probado sus maravillosas paellas en otra ocasión, y está vez nos decidimos por una fideuá espectacular!Gracias Guillermo!realmente eres un maestro y una persona súper agradable y atenta!!Volveremos a repetir 🤤
    Heidi Nestler
    Heidi Nestler
    Guillermo is a very thoughtful teacher and was able to adapt his lesson to my interests and skill level. He is an interesting and engaging person, but no matter how many paella-related tangents we explored, he always returned to the task at hand: to empower me with the skills to make authentic paella by sharing each of the steps clearly. This class was a highlight of my time in Spain and I whole-heartedly recommend Paella Lover!
    SAIL TO FUN Charters
    SAIL TO FUN Charters
    Gestiono una vivienda vacacional y el servicio de realizar la paella en directo para los clientes lo demandan mucho. Siempre cuento con Guillermo para esta recomendación tan especial y delicada ya que nunca falla. El servicio, limpieza, orden, , simpatía,puntualidad y profesionalidad es imbatible. No me la juego con los clientes y siempre recomiendo "Paella Lover". Enhorabuena Guillermo por tu buen hacer!!
    Xisca Bautista
    Xisca Bautista
    Experiencia más que recomendada!!! El trato de Guillermo es muy profesional y cercano. Prepara unos entrantes riquísimos, y te invita a disfrutar de algo más que comer paella...siempre innovando! Repetiremos seguro!!


    At Home Services Include

    • Private Paella Chef Service
    • Purchase and choice of ingredients
    • Paella of your choice
    • Lemon, bread and aioli
    • The fuel used is gas, provided with gas bottle and ring burner
    • Gas and rest of utensils are included
    • Assembly and disassembly of the paellas(s) chosen in the agreed place
    • Service up to 50Km. from Palma.
    • Further distances additional €50

    Additional Charges At Home*

    • Starter to choose: steamed mussels or trampó salad: €5 per person
    • Dessert: homemade or fresh from local bakery
    • Distance above 50Km. from Palma: €50
    • Wood-Fired Paella:
    • 1-10 People: €150
    • 11+ People: €10 each person
    • Service on a Yacht: €50
      2 paellas at the same time: €50
      3 paellas at the same time: €100
      Further tapas, drinks and desserts: please contact me

    *For further info please contact me or read the terms of use at the bottom

    *All prices shown are minimum and under certain conditions and number of participants. Please check with me before

    Stay In Contact

    Savor the flavors of Spain with our exquisite paellas. We are dedicated to delivering the authentic taste of paella to your doorstep. Let us transport you to the sunny shores of Valencia with every bite. Contact us now to embark on a paella adventure like no other.


    Palma de Mallorca,

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